Introducing the Clygro Blog

9th July 2023

Hello people, I here to announce the actual Clygro blog. I have only decided to start this yesterday. Additionally I have also done some layout tweaks to my new website layout, with my links on left and the recent blog posts. The website adjusts for smaller screens, which should mean it is better for mobile usage. Although on iOS 15.6 on my iPhone 8 Plus it has problems rendering the background when in portrait, this is not even a problem on iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone 4S in portrait mode, so I have no clue what is going on. Ignoring that weird issue, everything should be fine on mobile now. Onto the main bit I guess, the plans for the blog. So I am planning to do posts on a semi-regular basis, especially since I have quite a bit of free time until September. I currently do not have much to do, which is why I have been working on the website over the past day. I am planning to start a Clash of Clans custom server soon, but so far I have had no luck with it running it on Linux so far (I think I need to install all of the dependencies manually). I have started a podcast recently, currently it is only available on YouTube and PeerTube, but I am planning to add it to an RSS feed soon. I am also planning to try and launch a massive project somewhat soon.