Syhuu is a work in progress Arch based Linux distribution, it is designed to be more user friendly than most Linux distros, it comes pre-installed with a customised MATE desktop environment, it has media controls built into the main panel for easy access, it comes with the Compiz window manager for window effects and accessibility options.

SUPM (Super Universial Package Manager)

SUPM is a fork of Cactus Package Manager with support for additional package managers that CPM refuses to support (such as Flatpak, Snap and Nix), it makes installing packages consistent from any package manager. It will be bundled with Syhuu.

18 Argons

18 Argons is the name I give to services that are hosted by me. These currently include a Minecraft server, a Blockheads server, an Owncast instance and a HTTP to HTTPS proxy

Blockheads server

Note: both servers are currently down, it will return sometime in the future.

There is 2 Blockheads servers, a survival server and a creative server. The creative server was created on the 19th March 2015. The IP for the creative server is with the port 37793, using also works.

HTTP to HTTPS proxy

The HTTP to HTTPS proxy was started in January 2024 to help old OSes with old web browsers be able to access the modern internet, this does not fix old web browsers not being able to load websites correctly. Some websites block the proxy and it is not secure. The IP is and the port is 3080 (in some places you need to put the port after the IP with the : separating them without space)

Minecraft server

The 18 Argons Minecraft server was created in mid 2020 as ClyMC. It was initally a Minigames server, but it has had additional servers for survival, creative and gimmicks. Currently the minigames server is operational, but the Survival and gimmicks server is currently down, when they return, it will be available from a single server. The IP is


Note: this is not currently up, it will return sometime in the unspecified future.

Owncast is a self hosted live streaming platform. It allows for 120FPS live streams and it can easily be customised. It is open-source and is part of the Fediverse.

Planned servers

Minetest server

Fediverse instance (likely Akkoma)

XMPP server

Matrix server

Git server

Clash of Clans server