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About Me

I'm Clygro, a person who mostly focuses on Minecraft related stuff. I also do videos online, I upload somewhat often, and link for my YouTube channel is above.

Quick Facts

I'm Left Handed
Oasis is my favourite band

Website Info

This website is designed to not be bloated and doesn't have any unnecessary stuff behind the scenes. This website is like the 4th or 5th one I've done for Clygro, maybe you should look at this old (and potentially unused) one I made back in the day

The current word of the unspecified amount of time is:


My Projects

A Unnamed Service

An Unnamed Service is a thing where I'll be hosting Email, Cloud Storage, Mastodon Instance, Minetest Server, Matrix Homeserver, Minecraft Server, and probably quite a bit more, coming somewhat soon.

18 Argons

18 Argons is a Minecraft server with Survival Games, Skywars, Creative and Survival. The IPs for them are as follows:





ClyPack is a work in progress cartoony Minecraft 1.14+ Resource Pack.

Unnamed New Tab Project

New Tab is a nice, simple, and lightweight new tab page.



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Clygro Website

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Clygro supports Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) the source code is available here.

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