The new website, the PeerTube problem, 4gro and the side project album

11th July 2024

Hello people, it has been a year since I introduced the blog, however I have not made any posts, so you might be asking "why is that the case?", the simple answer is I'm just really lazy, I did make an attempt to publishing the follow up blog post a while ago, but I forgot about it and never published it, this post is a whole net post by the way.

Introducing The Clygro Blog

9th July 2023

Hello people, I here to announce the actual Clygro blog. I have only decided to start this yesterday. Additionally I have also done some layout tweaks to my new website layout, with my links on left and the recent blog posts.

Website & Clygro Update

23rd October 2022

Hello people, it has been a while since I have done a post here, quite a bit has happened since the last post, so I'll talk about it.

Website Update

1st January 2022

As you may have noticed, there have been changes to my website. I'll eventually be making a whole redesign of the website, including a mobile version of the website too.

It works

1st November 2021

I got this working first time somehow, yay!!!


1st November 2021

Here is some text containing an interesting description.

RSS Updates

1st November 2021

This is a test of RSS


This is Clygro Website V7.

Social media links

What I have done

I used to live stream games every day starting in November 2020 and ending in November 2021 after live streaming every day for 365 days.
In 2023 I have been making daily videos available on my YouTube and PeerTube channels, I am planning to do semi-regular videos after the end of Feburary 2024, the themes of these videos has varied, for the first month the videos were about old iOS devices, after that I also started some other videos such as gaming videos with games such as Minecraft, GeoGuessr, Chronophoto and TimeGuessr.

Series name No. of episodes (as of 19.2.24) Category Status
iMac G3 adventures 21 Vlog Ongoing
ClyPC adventures 10 Vlog Ongoing
The Clygro Podcast 44 Discussion Ongoing
TimeGuessr 17 Gaming On Hold
Chronophoto 6 Gaming Finished
PowerMac G5 adventures 11 Vlog Ongoing
Modern Survival 18 Gaming On Hold
Syhuu Update 4 Discussion On Hold
Unfair iOS speed test 5 Showcase On Hold
eMac adventures 3 Vlog On Hold
PowerBook G4 adventures 4 Vlog On Hold
Sporcle 9 Gaming On Hold
GeoGuessr 10 Gaming On Hold
Fixing my setup 8 Vlog On Hold
Using Samsung Galaxy S II as my main phone 5 Vlog Finished
Samsung Galaxy S II adventures 3 Vlog On Hold
Haiku adventures 2 Vlog On Hold
iPod mini adventures 4 Vlog On Hold
iPhone 3GS adventures 5 Vlog On Hold
HugeQuiz 3 Gaming On Hold
iPhone 4/4S adventures 3 Vlog On Hold
WikiTrivia 3 Gaming On Hold 3 Gaming On Hold
Razer Phone adventures 2 Vlog On Hold
Acer laptop adventures 3 Vlog On Hold
Intel iMac adventures 6 Vlog Ongoing